Heavyweight Open House

A cold, blustery day kicked off the Christmas Season in Ocean Twp, NJ with the final Open House of the year at the small Heavyweight Brewery. It certainly didn't keep people home! A record crowd filled the small space and brought some of the best beers in the world with them. They also purchased record quantities of beer despite the non-existence of his core brands and a limit on the purchase of his newest OTOP's.

Tom & Peggy once again played host to a group of beer lovers who are members of their e-mail list. The most unusual thing about HW's Open Houses are that Tom actually welcomes other breweries' beers into his place of business and people certainly oblige! Bottles and growlers galore were opened for those who were quick enough to get the vessel in their hand before it was emptied. I spent most of the day manning the beer store, but I got a few breaks to get over to the ping-pong table and taste some of these unusual brews. A wide selection of foods also appeared from guests to help extend the drinking capability.
Of course, the main event was Tom's newest creations: Bock, Bock, a German-style Doppelbock of about 8%abv,Uncle Bob's Bog Weizen, a weizenbock made with fresh NJ cranberries and about 8% abv and his release of Ch-Chuck, his hybrid creation from early in the year aged in oak barrels with cherries. All of these fine libations were poured by Gus at the bar.
At this event, Tom & Peggy ask that the attendees bring non-perishable food for the local Food Bank. This year, everyone responded and over 400 pounds of comestibles were gathered. That should help make a happy holiday for many needy people.
Needless to say, the event was a success on all levels. If you're not on his e-mail list, go to
www.heavyweight-brewing.com and sign yourself up. It costs nothing and you will be kept apprised of all the upcoming happenings! The next one is coming up very soon. Check out my events list on the home page. See you there!!!