5th Annual Atlantic City Beer Fest
"Celebration of the Suds"

This fest has come a long way since its inception in 2006. The guys from Unsuited Entertainment, Jon Henderson, Bert Bertino, Jerome Robinson and Mark Monte, have done a fantastic job of organizing a large festival in a large venue despite all the hurdles they had to jump to accomplish the task.
The first couple of years had their problems, but what festival doesn't? They've worked out many of the bugs and the aficionados and newbies  come from far and wide to taste the best that NJ has to offer. Saturday sessions are still a little crazy which is to be expected. We attended the more laid back Sunday session and experienced a great time.

They've had great support from breweries and distributors alike. The eclectic mix of products offered attracts a broad spectrum of people allowing many to taste beers they wouldn't otherwise be inclined to try. After all, I think that has been the venue by which many of us became "beer geeks". I was duly impressed with the selections this year. I honestly did not expect to see some of the vendors and was quite pleased that I got to add to my beer list. New Jersey is becoming a larger market for craft beer and more and more out-of-state breweries and importers are courting the consumers here. This is what's fueling the growth of the fest scene in the Garden State. Once upon a time, The Garden State Guild Fest was the one and only but now they're cropping up here and there throughout the state. I believe that these guys are the ones to thank for that as they set precedent with the ABC on basic groundrules that never existed before.
The variety of non-beer vendors this year was also extensive. Info on real estate to gentlemen's clubs were available. Foods, tobacco, clothing, a little bit for everyone. Even a mechanical bull!
They're hoping to hold a second annual festival in October as well. The success of the Spring session should translate well to the Fall. The variety of beers will be distinctly different will bring a nice break after a hectic summer. On top of this, look for a lot more events from these guy. Besides beer, there will be wine and food events throughout the year. Keep an eye out here for any news.
Hope to see you at the next one!