Earth Bread & Brewery


Here are new pics I took recently.

The front awnings

The mixer all set up

The dishwasher

The downstairs bar

Fence around the brewery

Oven almost done

Test fires


The brewery

The brewery

Front entrance

Upstairs bar area

The new dough mixer


Here are some pics from the new endeavor by Tom Baker and Peggy Zwerver in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. A lot of work has been done since these pictures were taken, but I haven't been back up there. I will update as it goes.

The door will be moved left and the earthen oven will go in the right corner.

The brewery will go into the space beneath their feet and will be open to the restaurant.

The old bar is being removed.

This old upstairs bar is gone now

Another shot of the now defunct bar. Lots of space here though.

The soon-to-be kitchen area.