Berwick Brewing @ Earth Bread + Brewery

As part of the series of guest events at Earth, Tom and Peggy brought in a fairly new brewery on the PA scene. Formerly One Guy Brewing, brewer Guy Hagner took on an assistant and felt compelled to change the name to Berwick Brewing. That's about the only thing that's changed however. His beers are still great and he can now produce more with his doubling of the work force! Guy's partner, Tom Clark could not attend, but Guy supplied the expert commentary to the crowd that came to see him. Of course, as long as the beers were there, I'm sure there were those who were ambivalent about the presence of their creator. But Guy is a very pleasant person and loves to discuss beers of all types besides his own though he'll give you the lowdown on any of his products.
Though visiting EB + B is always a great time, the chance to see some old friends or meet new ones at these happenings brings us up to Mt. Airy as often as we can. Getting a new pint glass is always a plus too.....not that I need any more glasses...or T-shirts....or growlers....or beer for that matter....but adding to the collection is too much to pass up.
A superb lineup of beers from Berwick Brewing, most of which I had never tasted before, was offered beside Tom's site-brewed selections. EB +B has recently updated its menu with new flatbreads, salads and even desserts.
I started out with the Atomic Punk IPA, a pleasantly hopped brew at 7% abv....a great accompaniment to my Mole flatbread! My wife ordered the Hefeweizen, a nicely spiced German-style wheat beer, which complemented her White flatbread.
I was advised by Peggy that the Hondo Kellerbier was on gravity pour at the upstairs bar which got me out of my seat and heading up the steps to see John. I will take a cask ale whenever I can. It was perfect and, at 5.6%abv, a nice smooth-drinking beer.
We tasted the Rauch Bock, but could not fit it into our schedule. I finished up with the Raspberry Imperial Porter to enjoy with my chocolate ganache tart. The raspberries added a wonderful tartness to the chocolaty brew and was real hit with everyone.
As you can see by the picture above, my esteemed colleague Lew Bryson and his lovely wife, Kathy(who turned around when I took the picture), attended this special evening. With his 4th Edition of Pennsylvania Breweries 99% finished, he kicked back for a relaxing time with Guy and friends. His trip to Beer Camp in California is coming up soon, too! God, I'm jealous!!
Well, check out the events calendar at and join us at EB+B at the next one soon! Cheers!