"Situation" Release Party
Iron Hill-Maple Shade

You know, I don't often get to make these events as thay are always on weekends and I work every weekend, but this one was special. It was my Father's 90th Birthday and I took off to celebrate it by taking him to IH-MS. Coincidentally, it was the same day and time as this event....and, no, I didn't plan it that way. I was overjoyed though when I found out that the event was that day.
Brewer Chris LaPierre decided to carry his tradition of a golden barleywine with him from West Chester. It also has another connection...the Iron Brewer Competition. For the last several years, Chris has allowed homebrewers to come in on barleywine brewing day to collect wort from the second runnings of this big beer. They would then take it home and ferment it into any style they desired. At a later date, they would be judged and an Iron Brewer crowned......but I digress.
We arrived a little early for the happening and already the parking lot was full! We put our name in for a table and I spotted Casey Hughes of Flying Fish bellied up to the bar and went over to see what was happening. As the clock struck one, Lappy got up to address the troops and throw a few fist pumps in greeting. The faithful had come bedecked in their finest Ed Hardy and other Jersey Shore regalia with moussed hair and spray-on tans...did that take me back! (Am I showing my age?)What was once old, is new again.

Lucky enough to have parked myself in front of the firkin-to-be-tapped, Chris declared this party started and pounded the spout into the barrel with great finesse. The blend of Russian Imperial Stout and "Situation" named Dark Situation poured without incident into a snifter and was immediately handed to me......what a brew! It took the best of both and melded them into a synergistic nectar of the gods.
Along with the aforementioned beers, you could also order Digression, a Belgian-style Pale Ale, the Russian Imperial Stout, Caprice, a light Belgian-style golden ale, and bourbon-aged Imperial Pumpkin along with the flagship lineup. Needless to say, we had a great lunch and got to hob-nob with some of the local aficionados. I even found a girl who was carrying a copy of my(and Lew's) book New Jersey Breweries. She had made the trip from North Jersey on a beer tour. Nice to see that people are making use of our efforts!
Stop in soon to get your taste of these fine beers while they last!