Meet and Greets
Philly Beer Week

Meet and greetstook place all over Philly on Tuesday night. Arrangements were made with SEPTA to provide passes for transport all over the city that evening. We were on our way home from a short stay in Lancaster and decided to stay in Monk's neighborhood for a few events.
Prior to these events, we enjoyed a generous repast at Monk's. I had my favorite Lapin a la Gueuze (rabbit in gueuze sauce)with a Blanche de Bruxelles and Mary Lu had a Ragout of Duck with a Lumpy Gravy(beer from Lagunitas) We were then ready to have a few beers and still drive home.

25 Years of Chimay in the USA

In honor of the 25th anniversary of selling Chimay in the US, Luc Van Mechelen and friends stopped by Monk's Cafe to meet everyone. If you bought a Chimay, you got to keep the glass. I really didn't need another chalice, but what the hell! We enjoyed a Tripel while we socialized.

Nodding Head's Night of the Buehlers

From Monk's, we walked down the street to Nodding Head where they were pouring beers from Elysian and Rogue. Dave Buehler is a brewer at Elysian Brewing Co. in California and his sister, Sebbie, is the East Coast Rep for Rogue. Sebbie is a regular fixture in this market as she lives outside of Philadelphia, but Dave only gets out here several times a year, usually for special events. Who could pass up attending Philly Beer Week?
As we entered, we ran into Gordon Grubb, the brewer at NH and we talked for a short while. We bought some tickets for the beer samples. Dave had brought four of their best: The Wise ESB, Immortal IPA, Avatar Jasmine IPA and Dragontooth Stout. Sebbie was pouring her Chocolate Stout (with her picture on the label), Chipotle Ale and Imperial Red.
Owner/manager Curt Decker was there and we had a long conversation about Philly Beer Week and all the events that were yet to transpire. He was looking forward to a more than busy week and lots of great beers.
After being on the road for several days, we left early for the 1+ hour drive home. Another day in the life of Philly Beer Week down only to return tomorrow!