Brett Pack Dinner
Monk's Cafe

Our second Philly Beer Week event was a dinner with all the stars of the beer world: Adam Avery, Tomme Arthur, Rob Tod, Sam Calagione and a 2-D Vinnie Cilurzo...more on that later.
To start off the night, we drank quite a bit of Cantillon Cuvee de Monk's Gueuze. Tom Peters went over and selected the barrels he wanted to be blended for his beer and then it was bottled and kegged and shipped back to Philadelphia.
Once again Chef Adam Glickman got the assistance of beerbistro chef, Brian Morin. With 7 courses and as many beers, along with a more than full house, they needed all the help they could get!
With the gueuze, we got an Oyster w/Salmon Tartare, cauliflower cantillon brulee w/ cilantro and avocado.
Next course, we moved north to Maine for Allagash Interlude. Originally made with the Dupont yeast, it seemed to stop fermenting, but then mysteriously started again. When they went to transfer it, they found it infected with Brett from some unknown source. They barrel-aged it and then bottled it. Certainly a serendipitous happening...the beer is excellent! And at 9% not a lightweight. We ate warm mouselline of foie gras, crouton and sauteed pear with that.
Port Brewing came to bat next with Red Poppy, a Flemish-style sour ale with sour cherries aged in oak for 1 year.....WOW! I loved it! We had Rabbit Terrine and was a great pairing.
The next beer was a very special one and introduced by Tomme Arthur. This was a collaborative effort by all five of the brewers with a blending of sour beers. They paired it with a Lobster Macaroni dish which was my hit of the night.....buttery and creamy with chunks of lobster on orzo with morels and asparagus.
Adam Avery of Colorado had brought his Brabant, a dark ale aged in Pasa Robles Zinfandel barrels for 8 months and fermented with Drie Fonteinen Brett yeast. Roasted Partridge was placed before us stuffed with mushroom duxelle and served with  root vegetables and fondant potatoes. Another outstanding course!!
This is where the 2-D Vinnie C. came in. He couldn't come East for the week, so they made up an almost lifesize poster of him...great play, Kurt! They served up his Consecration(10%abv), a deep red ale that was aged in Cabernet Sauvignon barrels for 6 months and infused with 30 pounds of currants in each barrel. This accompanied the cheese course of Epoisses Cheese with walnut consecration bread and peach.
They saved the best for last in the guise of Sam Calagione. This was his 3rd event of the day and was feeling no pain. His Festina Lente was paired with the flourless Chocolate Torte and sour cream festina lente ice cream and macadamia nut brittle. We received a chocolate truffle on a stick as an extra surprise.
This dinner was fantastic and worth all of the $100 bill. I'm surprised I could eat and drink all that they served. Once again, Tom and crew made a memory for everyone there!