Tom's Favorites All-Star Dinner
Monk's Cafe
Once a year, Tom Peters puts this dinner together using local food and local beers. Instead of just one
celebrity, several local brewers attended to give their views on the beers they made. It is always a good time.
The night started out with General Lafayette's Alt...Who Goes There?, a German style beer with a Belgian flair to it. It was served with local Lamb & Beef "Belgian" Meatballs and greens.
Up next were two great beers. From the Stoudts brewery came their APA...a nicely hopped brew with lots of citrus from them and poured side-by-side with Iron Hill West Chester's The Cannibal....a big fruity, perfumy brew.  The soup course was a version of Manhattan Clam Chowder with lots of fresh clams and veggies. The spiciness of the chowder was really accentuated by the beer.
Then came Nodding Head's Otay (Buckwheat Ale) with a dry, grassy aroma and lemony palate with a lightly sweet finish. This was accompanied by micro greens with bleu cheese and fruit
A 3 year old beer from Flying Fish was poured next and, to me, was the hit of the evening. Puckerfish, this sour nose and wonderfully tart beverage with the hint of cherries, reminded me so much of a true Belgian product. Casey assured me that they were going to produce it and bottle it this time...I hope that does happen!!! This exceptional beer was served with Cornmeal encrusted Seitan w/a Cherry Glaze....very tasty especially washed down with those beers.
On the lighter side, we got Triumph Helles next and accompanied Bluefish w/Heirloom Tomatoes and a Fennel & Herb Sauce and Vegetable Corn Fritters which were outstanding. In contrast, we were also poured Victory's Saphir Bock which was lightly sweet and fruity.
A new brewery was up next for the dessert. Sprague Farms sent their Hellbender Porter, a full-bodied dark, dry and roasty brew. Again this was side-by-side with Yard's Thomas Jefferson Ale, a Colonial reproduction with a slightly tart aroma and palate. Fruit and biscuits plate was a nicely refreshing dessert and light on the calories.
As always, visit their website for the latest on upcoming events. They are more than worth the time and money!