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Gary Monterosso, Jim Carlucci, Kurt Epps
Mark Haynie, Lew Bryson

For immediate release - August 21, 2000

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New Jersey Association of Beerwriters Formed

A group of New Jersey writers, united by a common interest, have joined together to form a unique organization. The collective interest? New Jersey-produced beer.The result of the initial August meeting held at Princeton's Triumph Brewpub was the creation of the New Jersey Association of Beerwriters(NJAB), possibly the only statewide fraternity of its kind in any of the
United States.

As one of the founding members, Gary Monterosso, stated, "For years we have recognized the fine products created by our breweries and brewpubs.One of our goals will be to promote our trade to the residents of our state, as well as beyond."

Another of the originators of NJAB, Mark Haynie, said, "New Jersey beers have been recognized in other parts of our country and even beyond, for its excellence. Personally, I would match our efforts with those anywhere. Yet, we also
recognize that not all beer drinkers know that much about the growing craft beer segment. I hope we can help educate our consumers to the choices available."

In fact, NJAB's Mission Statement reflects those sentiments by declaring that it exists "to promote quality craft beer brewed in New Jersey, and to encourage its responsible consumption through education." NJAB co-founder Kurt Epps, a high school teacher, said, "The appreciation of quality beer needs to supplant the current idea that beer is just a means to get blitzed. The 'Just say NO' approach isn't working with many kids and beer."

In New Jersey, there are diverse companies making beer. Most could be classified either as a Microbrewery or a Brewpub. Microbreweries are those which produce small (generally 15,000 barrels or less) quantities for sale to stores and restaurants. Distribution may extend beyond New Jersey.

Brewpubs are little breweries in the sense that they make their beer for consumption on their own premises, within the confines of a restaurant. These businesses may, however, sell "growlers," (carry out jugs) and kegs.

NJAB plans to establish a working relationship with the Garden State Craft Brewers Guild, which is a unifying arm of many of the beermakers in the state. Current membership consists of 16 of the microbreweries and brewpubs. The Guild seeks to promote the craft brewing industry through special events as well as other social, civic and economic initiatives.

NJAB co-founder Lew Bryson said, "The intent of our group has been defined. Now it is our assignment to educate the general public to the choices available here, keeping in mind our obligation to promote responsible consumption."

The organization also feels it could be useful in making an impact at the legislative level. NJAB member Jim Carlucci stated, "The specialty beer scene in New Jersey is relatively new, yet has seen growth in those few years. There may be things we can do somewhere down the road to advance the cause of our trade."

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Kurt E. Epps
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Stickenjab to debut at Craft Brewers Festival

   The insider talk in Jersey beer circles these days focuses on a new beer from Ocean
Township's Heavyweight Brewing Company, a brewery that says it's bigger and smaller than
   Dubbed Stickenjab, the brew and the name is the result of a collaborative effort by Brewer
Tom Baker and the New Jersey Association of Beerwriters (NJAB), believed to be the only
statewide professional writers' organization in the nation.
   The beer is a stickebier (sticke means secret in German) that falls into the Alt (old)
style, and if first impressions mean anything, the beer could be a big hit among craft brew
   The first official tasting of Stickenjab was conducted at Basil T's Restaurant in Red Bank
on July 5 in anticipation of its official unveiling at the annual NJ Craft Brewers' Guild
Festival on July 15 at Trenton's Sovereign Bank Arena.
   In on the tasting were Brewer Baker and three of the founding members of NJAB, Kurt Epps,
Mark Haynie and Gary Monterosso.
   "It's still young, but it's a great beer with a beautiful color, excellent flavor and an
exceptional head," said Haynie of Somers Point who travels the world in search of fine beer.
"When it¹s finished carbonating, the head should be magnificent."
   Monterosso, of Vineland, was equally effusive in praise of Baker's efforts. "Tom's a real
pro, and Jersey is lucky to have a guy with his skill and dedication to the craft."
   Epps, a Perth Amboy resident, said, "It¹s a well-balanced, big beer at 7% ABV and loaded
with flavor. It's very unique, very drinkable and gets even better as it warms."
   Baker, who has brewed collaboratively with others in the business from writers to editors
and cartoonists, said, " I love this beer. It really will be something special in about four
weeks, but we need to introduce it at the festival. We'll crack a cask there with a little bit
of ceremony."
   Stickenjab's expectations and Baker's reputation have already resulted in some high profile
beer bars across the Northeast making reservations to feature the brew. New York City's Blind
Tiger Ale House, Andy's Corner Bar in Bogota, NJ, the Old Bay in New Brunswick, and
Pennsylvania's The Drafting Room and Grey Lodge taverns have already contacted Baker to receive
   "Right now, Stickenjab is going to my premier accounts in kegs, but if it catches on like I
think it will, we'll be bottling it for an expanding market," said Baker.

For more information contact Kurt Epps at 732-826-8007 or Tom Baker at 732-493-5009
Also check the Heavyweight website for pics and story

Our most recent meeting at Basil T's Toms River